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Rhode Island. State Sanitarium (1905-1994)



  • Existence: 1905-1994

Historical Note

The State Almshouse, which had been serving as "dumping ground" (Report of the Physicians of the State Institutions, 1902) for the seriously ill housed in the other state institutions, increasingly included individuals who had contracted tuberculosis. By the first decade of the twentieth century there was increasing agitation (for example from the Providence Medical Association. Transactions of the Providence Medical Society. Vol. VI. 1899-1903) for a separate State Sanitarium for Tuberculosis.

In 1901, the General Assembly established a joint special committee on the subject of a state sanitarium for treatment of consumptives. In 1902, the General Assembly passed a resolution establishing a Commission on State Sanitarium for Consumptives. The Sanitarium was completed in 1905 and the first patient was admitted in November 1905.

The hospital became the Zambarano Unit of Eleanor Slater Hospital in 1994. It is now used primarily to care for long-term patients requiring intensive care.

Transactions of the Rhode Island Medical Society, vol. 1899-1903, 161