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23rd Annual Report of the United States Volunteer Life Saving Corps, January 1928

 Digital Work
Identifier: daabbbe3-48de-4a4a-a2fd-2e1e612625c7
Dates: January 1928

24th Annual Report of the United States Volunteer Life Saving Corps, 1929

 Digital Work
Identifier: 24th Annual Report of the United States Volunteer Life Saving Corps, 1929
Dates: 2021-04-01 - 2021-04-01

A Guide to Aid the Voter, 1941

 Digital Work
Identifier:  32d3dd71-866d-4308-b623-331c0a97fddd
Dates: 1941

A Heritage Discovered: Blacks in Rhode Island, 1976

 Digital Work
Identifier: A Heritage Discovered- Blacks in Rhode Island.pdf
Dates: Publication: 1976

A Highway Program for Rhode Island, 1959

 Digital Work
Identifier: A Highway Program for Rhode Island 1959.pdf
Dates: 1959

A History of the Rhode Island Red 1854-1954 booklet, 1954

 Digital Work
Identifier: A History of the Rhode Island Red 1854-1954 booklet, 1954
Dates: 1954

A Lively Experiment Reflections on the Charter of 1663

 Digital Work
Identifier: A Lively Experiment Reflections on the Charter of 1663.pdf
Dates: Publication: 2013

Abraham Lincoln in Rhode Island souvenir pamphlet, February 12, 1930

 Digital Work
Identifier: Abraham Lincoln in Rhode Island souvenir pamphlet, February 12, 1930
Dates: February 12, 1930

Act creating the town of Hopkinton, March 19, 1757

 Digital Work
Identifier: 7cee7859-a0a0-4c87-9483-a0350f20e0c0
Dates: March 19, 1757

Act creating the town of Kingstown, 1674

 Digital Work
Identifier: 82504876-14ce-4786-b3d8-927ba501417e
Dates: 1674

Act creating the town of Westerly, May 1669

 Digital Work
Identifier: 5804af28-e2bb-4cf2-8dde-4037c7b5a21b
Dates: May 1669

Act for the incorporation of Jamestown, 1678

 Digital Work
Identifier: 641688e5-1e86-4e95-987e-80389086085f
Dates: 1678

Acts and Resolves indices, 1758-1850

 Digital Work
Identifier: 20e9c25d-bb11-43e3-9c0e-9f995c4b2f59
Dates: 1758-1850

Acts and Resolves indices, 1850-1862

 Digital Work
Identifier: 87efafa1-bcea-48ba-8d3e-47b06440bb80
Dates: 1850-1862

Acts and Resolves indices, 1863-1873

 Digital Work
Identifier: e719cab4-b085-4a8e-8090-859a453d5d85
Dates: 1863-1873

Acts and Resolves indices, 1873-1899

 Digital Work
Identifier: f354e147-16f9-4687-868a-911e2de8e906
Dates: 1873-1899

Acts and Resolves of Rhode Island Indices, 1758-1899

 Digital Record
Identifier: DO 140
Dates: Issued: 1758-1899

Adjutant General and Rhode Island National Guard photographs, c. 1915-1988

 Digital Work
Identifier: 6c1bcd02-0306-47d5-8e5e-a7d80f7098a7
Dates: c. 1915-1988

Adjutant General annual reports, 1861-2010

 Digital Work
Identifier: 17bdb8a5-dc44-469c-8a66-18a06f1bcaee
Dates: 1861-2010

Adjutant General Correspondence Received, 1790-1915

 Digital Work
Identifier: 29dfc46d-9e34-4958-91a1-7fbab6d516a1
Dates: 1790-1915

Adjutant General Military Appointments, Executive Department Notifications, 1862-1865

 Digital Work
Identifier: c7181d1c-3f8a-4e5d-b5b4-3b180c94f21a
Dates: 1862-1865

Adjutant General Military Services/Officer Commission, Applications Made, 1861-1863

 Digital Work
Identifier: cded771f-cdec-4111-bc82-0fa0c25113bd
Dates: 1861-1863

Adjutant General Orders Issued, Dorr Rebellion, 1842

 Digital Work
Identifier: 21f1d40d-bcb4-4508-abf4-c48835c4777d
Dates: 1842

Adjutant General Orders Received, Executive Department, 1857-1863

 Digital Work
Identifier: 8cabe215-9112-411c-9675-677ed7e9421b
Dates: 1857-1863

African American Collection, 1652-1885

 Digital Collection
Identifier: DO 448
Dates: 1652-1885

Airport Corporation rules and regulations, 1993-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: b473c5aa-dd91-440f-ab70-d84b3fcbf98f
Dates: 1993-2001

Alcoholic Beverage Law Study Commission final report, 1976

 Digital Work
Identifier: 00521ce6c873f9f3c903f54fa92f15b9
Dates: 1976

Amendments to the Constitution, 1793-2012

 Digital Work
Identifier: bef807f8-1e2f-4630-b120-650ebbfe27e9
Dates: 1793-2012

An Act Extending the Right to Vote to Women Citizens, January 1920

 Digital Record
Identifier: 5fc19c9d-2616-4a98-ba71-9abf1669ef98
Dates: January 1920

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