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Airport Corporation rules and regulations, 1993-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: b473c5aa-dd91-440f-ab70-d84b3fcbf98f
Dates: 1993-2001

Atomic Energy Commission rules and regulations, 1993

 Digital Work
Identifier: 44e7d13a-733a-4bae-8e75-7f690e3fd607
Dates: 1993

Attorney General rules and regulations, 1964-1999

 Digital Work
Identifier: be6a25be-14c9-4b26-ac1f-520f35c71436
Dates: 1964-1999

Auditor General rules and regulations, 1986-1987

 Digital Work
Identifier: d7c18080-9d40-45d4-a1d2-d31f4cc4bace
Dates: 1986-1987

Batterer’s Intervention Program Standards Oversight Committee rules and regulations, 1998-1999

 Digital Work
Identifier: a39f8969-d4b6-4d2a-bee9-19efbaf79dda
Dates: 1998-1999

Board of Accountancy rules and regulations, 1974-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: 07f20e24-b105-4437-a560-ea274212279c
Dates: 1974-2001

Board of Elections rules and regulations, 1980-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: f78f4e5a-da92-41df-91b7-2896dadd0d2a
Dates: 1980-2001

Board of Examination and Registration of Architects rules and regulations, 1987-1992

 Digital Work
Identifier: 3be2fcfd-9a22-4cb5-8ea9-a29609f9c5c2
Dates: 1987-1992

Board of Examiners of Landscape Architects rules and regulations, 1989-1994

 Digital Work
Identifier: 5d535ab6-b51b-418f-bed8-2561e5aa1c35
Dates: 1989-1994

Board of Registration for Professional Engineers rules and regulations, 1980-1998

 Digital Work
Identifier: bee1d6dc-a734-4453-bdaa-36b6e7d16b6f
Dates: 1980-1998

Board of Registration for Professional Land Surveyors rules and regulations, 1980-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: 7c2e4d6a-e66d-4b76-ad8a-81d7b2e0ff3f
Dates: 1980-2001

Bureau of Audits rules and regulations, 1973

 Digital Work
Identifier: ae70ab7f-da61-4eb4-bf02-595d4c8cb21b
Dates: 1973

Capital Center Commission rules and regulations, 1990-1994

 Digital Work
Identifier: 91e299e5-a6e9-4431-8631-3d8d1ecf6024
Dates: 1990-1994

Clean Water Finance Agency (Infrastructure Bank) rules and regulations, 1991-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: 9ddd0b38-cb69-4f30-8939-07bbb7b360e1
Dates: 1991-2001

Coastal Resources Management Council rules and regulations, 1971-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: 90b3d42c-0843-457b-aad7-8ee8fa5c70ce
Dates: 1971-2001

Commission for Human Rights (includes Commission Against Discrimination) rules and regulations, 1959-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: 822a23ad-d1fe-450d-a45f-1b1d8175b24d
Dates: 1959-2001

Committee on Accounts and Records rules and regulations, 1987

 Digital Work
Identifier: 49b68f5c-b8bb-44c2-bd69-cd57f0909f67
Dates: 1987

Contractors' Registration Board rules and regulations, 1990-1998

 Digital Work
Identifier: a18a9f88-d5af-4b54-9e0e-07a2d05537f5
Dates: 1990-1998

Contractors' Registration Board rules and regulations, 1990-1998 [State Building Codes]

 Digital Work
Identifier: 426ec20f-fa06-4223-a293-c561909672e6
Dates: 1981-1998

Department of Administration (includes Department of Community Affairs) rules and regulations, 1968-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: f4259a48-ad3b-4cc3-8816-e96a18c388c8
Dates: 1968-2001

Department of Children, Youth and Families rules and regulations, 1981-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: 4496f53d-73ec-4f2a-8c33-3066a7214c8c
Dates: 1981-2001

Department of Corrections rules and regulations, 1972-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: 7a83edac-9109-4054-b562-dca026b23eb8
Dates: 1972-2001

Department of Elderly Affairs rules and regulations

 Digital Work
Identifier: 6ff0236a-535c-439f-a01d-d745b92c4b0e
Dates: 1983-2001

Department of Health rules and regulations, 1936-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: 76a830eb-f2d7-4919-90b5-1c9ed9a72948
Dates: 1936-2001

Department of Human Services rules and regulations, 1967-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: 47ca84ad-36c2-45bc-b794-9df73de71466
Dates: 1994-2001

Department of Mental Health, Retardation and Hospitals rules and regulations, 1970-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: 4cebbff4-20d2-4d6c-87b9-3fd375998f50
Dates: 1970-2001