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Grain measure/meter (Patent Number 105.427), Patented July 19, 1870

 Digital Work
Identifier: f44a6bcf-5b4a-48fa-a7fb-4d86caad86f0
Dates: Other: Patented July 19, 1870

Gyles Record

 Digital Record
Identifier: DO 156
Dates: Event: 1687

Hand Printing Press (Patent Number 137664)

 Digital Work
Identifier: Hand Printing Press

Harbor Commission records, 1876-1978, bulk: 1876-1928

 Digital Work
Identifier: 3f6d6c42-3e8c-425d-a076-6c397509c882

Hazard's Report on the Poor and Insane in Rhode Island, 1851

 Digital Work
Identifier: 28e33db5-9f2b-4805-bfca-644163b9273e
Dates: 1851

Health and Educational Building Corporation rules and regulations, 1989-1991

 Digital Work
Identifier: 780af587-8eb4-4486-820f-d9ba54afe2cc
Dates: 1989-1991

Helen Fitzsimmons Boyle Collection

 Digital Work
Identifier: c11e6343-445e-4b5d-a443-7b94cb39f817
Dates: 1925-1932

Henry A.L. Brown Constitutional Convention papers, 1986

 Digital Work
Identifier: e0aaf683-3886-406b-ac55-ff1ba31fb4f2
Dates: 1986

Higher Education Assistance Authority rules and regulations, 1979-2000

 Digital Work
Identifier: d5e335ea-d044-4997-88b0-cc3d8e22c254
Dates: 1979-2000

Historic and Architectural Resources of Coventry, Rhode Island: A Preliminary Report, February 1978

 Digital Work
Identifier: ef1953f1-f1c4-4228-818f-220667165f42
Dates: February 1978

Historic and Architectural Resources of North Providence, Rhode Island: A Preliminary report, April 1978

 Digital Work
Identifier: 8365de94-fb50-41a2-94c1-9d329a0f22e4
Dates: April 1978

Historic Bridge Inventory Part III: Preservation Plan

 Digital Record
Identifier: 1636-121
Dates: May 1992

Historic Highway Bridges of Rhode Island, 1982

 Digital Work
Identifier: Historic Highway Bridges of Rhode Island, 1982
Dates: 1982

Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission rules and regulations, 1986-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: 6245a439-3d2a-4f34-8191-3652a27f9c7d
Dates: 1986-2001

Historical Records Trust Fund audit, 2003

 Digital Work
Identifier: 6bf09afd-49b0-4e53-a628-2280f95e7584
Dates: 2003

History of the Rhode Island Tribes Compiled by the R.I. State Librarian, 1955, 1960

 Digital Work
Identifier: 369c3bd0-8110-4181-9208-1c11e2989824
Dates: 1955, 1960

House Lots belonging to Marshall Woods and wife map, 1858

 Digital Work
Identifier: b9b427e4-1897-41e7-bae6-a20ef20a0bdb
Dates: 1858

House Speaker Session Files

 Digital Record
Identifier: DO 276
Dates: Event: 1981-1992

Housing and Mortgage Finance Corporation, 1986-2000

 Digital Work
Identifier: 4e1e2186-8202-4005-91dd-16f59f64dbc6

Housing Resources Commission rules and regulations, 1999

 Digital Work
Identifier: fbe8df53-8739-4096-a53c-a4c5eb78d73a
Dates: 1999

I Voted: 380 Years of Voting in Rhode Island, September 10, 2018-November 23, 2018

 Digital Work
Identifier: ee27a608-0e5d-49a4-b1a8-882096f7dea3
Dates: September 10, 2018-November 23, 2018

Industrial Facilities Corporation rules and regulations, 1987-1993

 Digital Work
Identifier: 7b71c482-3ee6-4aad-8920-01ad3bb320c6
Dates: 1987-1993

Joint Commission on Legislative Oversight rules and regulations, 1974-1978

 Digital Work
Identifier: 5ad1c57f-5aab-4233-a036-0e687b590273
Dates: 1974-1978

Joint Committee on Legislative Services rules and regulations, 1974

 Digital Work
Identifier: 2e4aaf2d-3ca2-44c3-833c-be972127e310
Dates: 1974

Joseph P. Burlingame photograph, undated

 Digital Work
Identifier: ee2d12dd-a8d7-43f5-8c7a-59b3256c57b5
Dates: undated

Journals of the Upper House and Lower House, 1726-1797

 Digital Work
Identifier: Journals of the Upper House and Lower House, 1726-1797
Dates: 1726-1797

Judicial Nominating Commission rules and regulations, 1994-1996

 Digital Work
Identifier: 158b50c7-44f8-4d69-a74c-705d66f4d90a
Dates: 1994-1996

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