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An Analysis of the Governor's Financial Program, 1968-1969

 Digital Work
Identifier: 8dde5979-c939-44fa-b71a-009a1aa4c544
Dates: 1968-1969

Andiamo! Italians Make Their Mark in Rhode Island, June 20-September 2019

 Digital Work
Identifier: a641efe3-fa86-4cdb-bf2b-249e122dfbda
Dates: June 20-September 2019

Apollo 17 Goodwill moon rock, state flag, and plaque, 1972

 Digital Work
Identifier: 473ca581-99ba-4e91-b8b0-288f9412b937
Dates: 1972

Appleton Street Park

 Digital Work
Identifier: c5a14112-f60c-432a-9a32-e8658144410d

Aquidneck Compact, 1638

 Digital Work
Identifier: 01fab578-765d-40af-84b8-41cc2fae6b6c
Dates: 1638

Aquidneck Deed, 1637 (transcript noting earlier deed)

 Digital Work
Identifier: e3547596-a297-4234-9f45-79579d45b494
Dates: Event: 1637

Archeology Series No. 172: Trestle Trail Shared-Use Path-East, Coventry, R.I.

 Digital Work
Identifier: 470f26f7-3b15-4d12-824f-9ba0c83fea5e
Dates: 2012-2014

Art work of Providence: published in nine parts

 Digital Work
Identifier: Art work of Providence: published in nine parts, 1896
Dates: Publication: 1896

Articles of Incorporation, 1893-2007

 Digital Work
Identifier: 164e7eb6-06c3-4bf5-834e-f5ed9e082a5f
Dates: 1893-2007

Articles of Incorporation: Catholic Churches, 1869-1972

 Digital Work
Identifier: 7d3e85e9-3f88-4049-9337-794774fe0b58
Dates: 1869-1972

Articles of Incorporation: Non-Business, 1896-1959

 Digital Work
Identifier: 97cb0cba-b091-4492-87eb-22c0ce7086f5

Articles of Incorporation- Non-Business, 1896-1959 finding aid

 Digital Work
Identifier: 6b7fc333-7a34-48ea-ae1e-4affba1071fe

Atomic Energy Commission rules and regulations, 1993

 Digital Work
Identifier: 44e7d13a-733a-4bae-8e75-7f690e3fd607
Dates: 1993

Attorney General messages, 1975-1976

 Digital Work
Identifier: Attorney General messages, 1975-1976
Dates: 1975-1976

Attorney General rules and regulations, 1964-1999

 Digital Work
Identifier: be6a25be-14c9-4b26-ac1f-520f35c71436
Dates: 1964-1999

Auditor General rules and regulations, 1986-1987

 Digital Work
Identifier: d7c18080-9d40-45d4-a1d2-d31f4cc4bace
Dates: 1986-1987

Automobile Cash Book, 1904-1908

 Digital Work
Identifier: 04833ea9-6e9c-4294-a672-103c27c9e824
Dates: 1904-1908

Batterer’s Intervention Program Standards Oversight Committee rules and regulations, 1998-1999

 Digital Work
Identifier: a39f8969-d4b6-4d2a-bee9-19efbaf79dda
Dates: 1998-1999

Battle of Gettysburg Commemoration souvenir program

 Digital Work
Identifier: Battle of Gettysburg Commemoration souvenir program, July 3, 2013
Dates: Event: July 3, 2013

Battle of Rhode Island map, 1778

 Digital Work
Identifier: 59533f10-faba-494c-ada2-6bf36781abba
Dates: 1778

Battleship Maine: Rhode Island Service list and notes

 Digital Work
Identifier: b3092c9f-ac6c-48b6-bdf5-138ee292875a

Beekeeping in Rhode Island

 Digital Work
Identifier: Beekeeping in Rhode Island, 1947
Dates: 1947

Berkley California Small Pox Outbreak, December 1912-January 1913

 Digital Work
Identifier: Berkley California Small Pox Outbreak December 1912-January 1913
Dates: 2021-12-21 - 2021-12-21

Bicentennial Commission scrapbook: Publications, pamphlets, and ephemera, 1975-1977

 Digital Work
Identifier: 1277066a-5204-492d-9698-a2c1dbd178ee

Bill of Rights, 1789

 Digital Work
Identifier: 35be300d-402e-42ac-9250-6773ab14c309
Dates: 1789

Birth Index, 1853-1920 [Digitization of these records is ongoing]

 Digital Work
Identifier: c7ff15c7-af97-4c36-941a-16616efc96ac

Birth Registrations, 1853-1922

 Digital Work
Identifier: 556b8354-6c11-4878-8cb4-1d368e050999

Birth Registrations: Delayed Filings, 1846-1921

 Digital Work
Identifier: 451006c8-9f3f-43e1-926c-81c3619789bb

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