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Constitutional Convention videotaped proceedings, 1986

 Digital Work
Identifier: 7a6f93bf-8bfa-4e34-bcf8-877502b11537

Constitutional Conventions records, 1841-1842

 Digital Work
Identifier: bc873e52-e584-4565-bb3c-ea2591f82c3f
Dates: 1841-1842

Construction of Rhode Island College photographs

 Digital Record
Identifier: DO 301
Dates: c. 1958

Consumers Council rules and regulations, 1992-1993

 Digital Work
Identifier: 90793c5c-c1d7-4f66-afee-b3edeac69683
Dates: 1992-1993

Contractors' Registration Board rules and regulations, 1990-1998

 Digital Work
Identifier: a18a9f88-d5af-4b54-9e0e-07a2d05537f5
Dates: 1990-1998

Convention Journal and Related Papers, 1790

 Digital Work
Identifier: 4421db8f-0cc7-47db-8de6-84f5ec2b0ee4
Dates: 1790

Count Me In!, November 7, 2019-March 2020

 Digital Work
Identifier: bccc3dcc-6508-42ab-8e9f-7006006d2264
Dates: November 7, 2019-March 2020

Court Records at the RI State Archives

 Digital Record
Identifier: DO 277
Dates: Event: 1710-1930

Cranston Street Armory plans, 1986

 Digital Work
Identifier: 7aad2969-53ba-408d-af7a-1aad050149b7
Dates: 10986

Currency, Paper Money and Bills of Credit, 1780-1807 with gaps

 Digital Work
Identifier: 8fc0c273-8345-4e4f-a94c-d97ba36d9e12
Dates: 1780-1807

Currency reports, 1739-1749

 Digital Work
Identifier: 432cb954-7714-430b-806e-99cdfd72453c

Cushing and Walling Providence map, 1849

 Digital Work
Identifier: 4b29a087-c40b-42bf-b637-4aaf228578ab
Dates: 1849

Daniel Anthony Providence survey map, 1824

 Digital Work
Identifier: f375f738-efe6-4be9-9fb9-6a672fce3554
Dates: 1824

Death records, 1853-1969

 Digital Work
Identifier: e3bd6351-b516-4df3-b0ee-71d6175ce6e4
Dates: 1853-1969

Death Registrations, 1853-1930

 Digital Work
Identifier: 176c1c5b-8888-43c7-8802-b55e0486675e

Declaration of Independence: Mary Katherine Goddard printing, 1777

 Digital Work
Identifier: Declaration of Independence: Mary Katherine Goddard printing, 1777
Dates: 1777

Declaration of Independence: William J. Stone Printing, 1823

 Digital Work
Identifier: Declaration of Independence: William J. Stone Printing, 1823
Dates: 1823

"Delenda EST Canada"- Canada Must be Conquered: Rhode Island Troops at the Conquest of Montreal 1760 booklet

 Digital Work
Identifier: "Delenda EST Canada"- Canada Must be Conquered: Rhode Island Troops at the Conquest of Montreal 1760 booklet, 1990
Dates: Publication: 1990

Department of Administration (includes Department of Community Affairs) rules and regulations, 1968-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: f4259a48-ad3b-4cc3-8816-e96a18c388c8
Dates: 1968-2001

Department of Children, Youth and Families rules and regulations, 1981-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: 4496f53d-73ec-4f2a-8c33-3066a7214c8c
Dates: 1981-2001

Department of Corrections rules and regulations, 1972-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: 7a83edac-9109-4054-b562-dca026b23eb8
Dates: 1972-2001

Department of Elderly Affairs rules and regulations

 Digital Work
Identifier: 6ff0236a-535c-439f-a01d-d745b92c4b0e
Dates: 1983-2001

Department of Environmental Management: Contest for Department Seal samples, 1977

 Digital Work
Identifier: de70e5b2-0d5c-49db-a8e2-20d6f3d8175a
Dates: 1977

Department of Health: Division of Drug Control annual report, 1986-1987

 Digital Work
Identifier: bd13815e-45a6-4456-8e7e-0c1f1ed4e62c
Dates: 1986-1987

Department of Health Library photographs, c. 1955-1970

 Digital Work
Identifier: 1a3545e3-583c-43ca-9bc7-3f2e7d42ef00

Department of Health rules and regulations, 1936-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: 76a830eb-f2d7-4919-90b5-1c9ed9a72948
Dates: 1936-2001

Department of Human Services rules and regulations, 1994-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: 47ca84ad-36c2-45bc-b794-9df73de71466
Dates: 1994-2001

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