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Compliments of the Rhode Island Pure Food and Drug Commissioners

 Digital Work
Identifier: Compliments of the Rhode Island Pure Food and Drug Commissioners, 1916
Dates: Publication: 1916

Concerning East Greenwich, 1677

 Digital Work
Identifier: 999ec972-78f1-41d2-9d93-702f1f7ae442
Dates: 1677

Congress at Albany, 1754

 Digital Work
Identifier: 1dbad3b6-8650-4c97-b8c8-5d0a4f639b9a
Dates: 1754

Congress at Philadelphia Journal of the Proceedings, 1774

 Digital Work
Identifier: b5e74ce2-5b6e-47b2-95ea-e958cda1207d
Dates: 1774

Connecting and Completing Downcity Providence, March 2004

 Digital Work
Identifier: Connecting and Completing Downcity Providence, March 2004
Dates: March 2004

Constitution Of The State Of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations, 1986

 Digital Work
Identifier: 0fea95d6-8dce-41c8-a72e-77a762c55fe8
Dates: 1986

Constitution of the United States as Adopted by State of Rhode Island, September 17, 1787-May 29, 1790

 Digital Work
Identifier: 90428133-70f4-4579-9846-fba569827ef6
Dates: September 17, 1787-May 29, 1790

Constitutional Convention records, 1933

 Digital Work
Identifier: 640d4e41-a659-40ce-8ddb-d6e426b954de
Dates: 1933

Constitutional Convention transcripts and journals, 1986

 Digital Work
Identifier: 6c042588-f5cd-44b7-adbe-31270f5c1bbb
Dates: 1986

Constitutional Convention videotaped proceedings, 1986

 Digital Work
Identifier: 7a6f93bf-8bfa-4e34-bcf8-877502b11537

Constitutional Conventions records, 1841-1842

 Digital Work
Identifier: bc873e52-e584-4565-bb3c-ea2591f82c3f
Dates: 1841-1842

Consumers Council rules and regulations, 1992-1993

 Digital Work
Identifier: 90793c5c-c1d7-4f66-afee-b3edeac69683
Dates: 1992-1993

Contractors' Registration Board rules and regulations, 1990-1998

 Digital Work
Identifier: a18a9f88-d5af-4b54-9e0e-07a2d05537f5
Dates: 1990-1998

Contractors' Registration Board rules and regulations, 1990-1998 [State Building Codes]

 Digital Work
Identifier: 426ec20f-fa06-4223-a293-c561909672e6
Dates: 1981-1998

Convention Journal and Related Papers, 1790

 Digital Work
Identifier: 4421db8f-0cc7-47db-8de6-84f5ec2b0ee4
Dates: 1790

Council of War letters and accounts, 1775-1782

 Digital Work
Identifier: 66124404-4035-40cd-9fe4-f1e8afa9921c

Council of War proceedings: Index

 Digital Work
Identifier: c600adc0-6eba-4588-b985-9303a8e2ef01

Council of War proceedings: Unbound records, 1779-1781

 Digital Work
Identifier: 8f914f5b-b115-4dfe-b019-9c3f59b2e685

Council of War proceedings: Volume 1, December 13, 1776-June 7, 1777

 Digital Work
Identifier: 8ff073b8-ddb8-419d-b3e1-8f950c380787

Council of War proceedings: Volume 2, June 9, 1777-January 28, 1778

 Digital Work
Identifier: 451dab9f-a8fc-476c-8237-157df1f5af2f

Council of War proceedings: Volume 3, January 30, 1778-August 30, 1779

 Digital Work
Identifier: 8d02554d-9d12-4c4b-a6cf-5164c7db4ce8

Council of War proceedings: Volume 4, October 1, 1779-November 24, 1781

 Digital Work
Identifier: ab3c009e-69b4-4516-90ed-9e1045ed84ff

Count Me In!, November 7, 2019-March 2020

 Digital Work
Identifier: bccc3dcc-6508-42ab-8e9f-7006006d2264
Dates: November 7, 2019-March 2020

Court Records at the Rhode Island State Archives list

 Digital Work
Identifier: Court Records at the Rhode Island State Archives list

Cranston Street Armory plans, 1986

 Digital Work
Identifier: 7aad2969-53ba-408d-af7a-1aad050149b7
Dates: 10986

Currency, Paper Money and Bills of Credit, 1780-1807 with gaps

 Digital Work
Identifier: 8fc0c273-8345-4e4f-a94c-d97ba36d9e12
Dates: 1780-1807

Currency reports, 1739-1749

 Digital Work
Identifier: 432cb954-7714-430b-806e-99cdfd72453c

Cushing and Walling Providence map, 1849

 Digital Work
Identifier: 4b29a087-c40b-42bf-b637-4aaf228578ab
Dates: 1849

Daniel Anthony Providence survey map, 1824

 Digital Work
Identifier: f375f738-efe6-4be9-9fb9-6a672fce3554
Dates: 1824

Death Index, 1853-1920, 1956-1972 [Digitization of these records is ongoing]

 Digital Work
Identifier: 5424e076-95ce-455e-8674-d853fffe2215

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