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Development Council manufacturing and industrial photographs, c. 1950-1980

 Digital Work
Identifier: 023d193c-447a-4326-bbea-1e3afbccaa60
Dates: c. 1950-1980

Development Council Tourist Promotion Division photographs, c. 1948-1988

 Digital Work
Identifier: 66d9f82d-53c1-40fb-80dd-35f0a909c1bc
Dates: c. 1948-1988

D.G. Beers & Company Providence map, 1870

 Digital Work
Identifier: bca4d02c-6eb5-4528-8409-28893d487181
Dates: 1870

Distance register for vehicles (Patent Number 201.608), Patented March 26, 1878

 Digital Work
Identifier: efbbaae6-7c32-45cd-b0cc-8b73d07fe351
Dates: Other: Patented March 26, 1878

Division of Airports photographs, 1951-1961

 Digital Work
Identifier: 47f939ac-bad6-4720-99a7-7ffae884da4b
Dates: 1951-1961

Division of Motor Vehicles rules and regulations, 1982-2001

 Digital Work
Identifier: d6edac14-6d12-4af7-8119-a26b1be744d2
Dates: 1982-2001

Division of Taxation rules and regulations, 1959-2000

 Digital Work
Identifier: 6505ed07-5861-4012-a5da-95d330d5c703
Dates: 1959-2000

Division of Women and Children records, 1936-1958

 Digital Work
Identifier: fa489403-34f4-48ea-a191-4d7d1dbea4a8
Dates: 1936-1958

Docket of Legislative Agents, 1913-1973

 Digital Work
Identifier: 6708de35-10f7-407f-9683-577fd920863e
Dates: 1913-1973

Docket of Legislative Council before Committees, 1913-1968

 Digital Work
Identifier: c41c11fa-7cd8-4eb4-afd2-541c28d4a5ed
Dates: 1913-1968

Dorr Rebellion correspondence, 1842

 Digital Work
Identifier: 519c9033-c3f0-48c0-8fb5-52c589b2a50c
Dates: 1842

Dorr Rebellion: Map of Road Leading to Chepachet, 1842

 Digital Work
Identifier: 59343dd7-12f5-4f57-86c8-675c9595d07a
Dates: 1842

Dyverville State Park Project, 1996-1998

 Digital Work
Identifier: 00b4dabb-c72b-4df9-9385-7eb9c6dc8b4b

Education in Rhode Island: A Plan for the Future final report, June 1968

 Digital Work
Identifier: b8610794-3407-4170-ba6d-06cce278e89c
Dates: June 1968

Edward D. Greer collection postcards

 Digital Work
Identifier: 96354269-19b9-43c7-8ae4-ec55d4a53d50

Edward D. Greer photographs and publications, 1880-1998

 Digital Work
Identifier: b8a5bd85-1b3b-402f-9ab5-dd23d2f25e9b
Dates: 1880-1998

Edward DiPrete campaign plan, 1984

 Digital Work
Identifier: 6c380353-0751-48b4-84d6-a8fdc23900bb
Dates: 1984

Election Certificates of Delegates to the [State] Convention by the Freemen of the towns, 1790

 Digital Work
Identifier: c956ff38-3d28-4097-ab52-0327192c14e3
Dates: 1790

Employment Security, Department of

 Digital Work
Identifier: df65c2c3-1953-4818-b2a6-f0191b1ac264

Energy Facility Siting Board

 Digital Work
Identifier: 63720f5a-51d9-4652-9430-294fe21ae9cf

Estimates of Rateable Property, 1783

 Digital Work
Identifier: 2ec11699-871c-4093-a02b-f6fe58edb97b

Ethics Commission rules and regulations, 1977-2000

 Digital Work
Identifier: 33cba47c-6d47-4608-9d06-d8fe1a980888
Dates: 1977-2000

Executive Department rules and regulations, 1962-1990

 Digital Work
Identifier: 22b334b5-1e0d-41e6-9afb-31b4842090a5
Dates: 1962-1990

Executive Orders, 1959

 Digital Work
Identifier: 1959
Dates: 2019-10-29 - 2019-10-29

Executive Orders, 1960

 Digital Work
Identifier: 1960
Dates: 2019-10-29 - 2019-10-29

Executive Orders, 1963

 Digital Work
Identifier: 1963
Dates: 2019-10-29 - 2019-10-29

Executive Orders, 1964

 Digital Work
Identifier: 1964
Dates: 2019-10-29 - 2019-10-29

Executive Orders, 1965

 Digital Work
Identifier: 1965
Dates: 2019-10-29 - 2019-10-29

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