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History of the Rhode Island Tribes Compiled by the R.I. State Librarian, 1955, 1960

 Digital Work
Identifier: 369c3bd0-8110-4181-9208-1c11e2989824
Dates: 1955, 1960

House Speaker Session Files

 Digital Record
Identifier: DO 276
Dates: Event: 1981-1992

Joseph P. Burlingame photograph, undated

 Digital Work
Identifier: ee2d12dd-a8d7-43f5-8c7a-59b3256c57b5
Dates: undated

Journals of the Upper House and Lower House, 1726-1797

 Digital Work
Identifier: Journals of the Upper House and Lower House, 1726-1797
Dates: 1726-1797

Korean War finding aids

 Digital Record
Identifier: DO 144

Land Record for the Town of Warwick, January 1642

 Digital Work
Identifier: ff27cb79-afbb-422b-96e7-079bfa683d59
Dates: January 1642

Law Cases (File Papers), Vols. 1-10

 Digital Record
Identifier: C#00366
Dates: 1725-1741

Legislation Held on Desk and/or Fails Passage, 1826-2012

 Digital Work
Identifier: f725c619-163a-4781-b559-4ee34405925b
Dates: 1826-2012

Legislative Council Obscenity and Censorship Research Report No. 15

 Digital Record
Identifier: 1636-756
Dates: April 1966

Legislative Council Research Report No. 17: Rhode Island Legislative Council Quahog Depuration, 1983

 Digital Work
Identifier: Legislative Council Research Report No. 17: Rhode Island Legislative Council Quahog Depuration, 1983
Dates: 1983

Legislative Redistricting and Reapportionment maps, 2012

 Digital Work
Identifier: c68ce865-f4a3-4c63-bec4-c412bc465d58
Dates: 2012

Let-Off Mechanism for Looms (Patent Number 161901)

 Digital Work
Identifier: Let-Off Mechanism for Looms

Letter from John Hancock to Governor Greene

 Digital Record
Identifier: DO 216
Dates: December 16, 1782

Letters from the Governor, 1731-1807, 1966

 Digital Work
Identifier: f60aa12a-b31a-40dc-a706-ee2c40445510
Dates: 1731-1807, 1966

Letters to the Governor, 1731-1880

 Digital Work
Identifier: 80ba2cf8-b6d4-4507-8f9d-e376029a8236
Dates: 1731-1880

Lieutenant Governor Bernard Jackvony Box Content list

 Digital Record
Identifier: 1998-145
Dates: Event: 1997-1998

Listing of Year-Round Mobile Home Parks in Rhode Island

 Digital Work
Identifier: Listing of Year-Round Mobile Home Parks in Rhode Island, 1991
Dates: 1991

Local Government Records in Rhode Island: A Survey and Summary

 Digital Work
Identifier: 289d7479-4191-4ed5-ac91-24a28dae8832
Dates: May 1991

Louisiana Purchase Exposition Commission Official Ground Plan for the St. Louis World's Fair, 1904

 Digital Work
Identifier: e174b774-0776-4e49-95ef-bfdf0d950225
Dates: 1904

Martin Luther King Day Proclamation, April 4, 1968

 Digital Record
Identifier: 16cdd190-e301-443a-979f-fabe06cbb7e3

Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Proclamation- Observance, 2001

 Digital Record
Identifier: e074d2a0-b13b-41fe-af2c-bc6d8233c416

Memorandum of original deed for Providence, December 10, 1666

 Digital Work
Identifier: 58e74758-b39f-4582-b879-8385f4426010
Dates: December 10, 1666

Merci America Boxcar photograph album, 1949

 Digital Work
Identifier: Merci America Boxcar photograph album, 1949
Dates: 1949

Merit System of Personnel Administration

 Digital Work
Identifier: Merit System of Personnel Administration, 1951
Dates: 1951

Metropolitan Park Commission annual reports, 1905-1910, 1923-1930, 1932-1935

 Digital Work
Identifier: 59bb9f38-4820-427b-953c-4857c356621e
Dates: 1905-1910, 1923-1930, 1932-1935

Mexican Border Campaign

 Digital Record
Identifier: DO 145
Dates: Event: 1916

Mount Hope Bridge construction, opening and maintenance photographs

 Digital Work
Identifier: f7f7183b-b542-4077-b934-37b952e34e96

Narragansett Bay Commission annual report, 1983

 Digital Work
Identifier: b52dea70-20b3-4d75-8e56-bda3554b93f7
Dates: 1983