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RG 006/RG 006.01. Administration and Operations, 1716-

 Record Group Term
Identifier: RG 006/RG 006.01
The records in this SubGroup concern the various functions and services performed by the department's offices over the course of its existence. Included are records pertaining to the identification of sources of revenue and its collection, the management and investment of public funds, and documentation relating to state expenditures.

Found in 44 Collections and/or Records:

Burrillville Bank papers

 Series — Box Burrillville Bank papers, 1826-1832
Identifier: C#00070
Abstract The Burrillville Bank papers include one ledger book, one check file, assorted bundles of old bills and check deeds, an audit, and other papers related to the banks operations.
Dates: 1826-1832

Commissioners of the Sinking Fund accounts

 Series — Volume Commissioners of the Sinking Fund accounts, 1875-1911
Identifier: C#00114
Abstract The Commissioners of the Sinking Fund accounts contain ledgers, journals, pass books, check stubs from the accounts of the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund.
Dates: June 1, 1875-December 2, 1911

Department of the Treasury reports

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00644

Farmers' Bank of Glocester

 Series — Box Farmers' Bank of Glocester papers, 1802-1809
Identifier: C#00071
Abstract This series consists of minutes of annual meetings (1804-1808), checks, bills, other papers related to banking functions.
Dates: 1802-1809

General Treasurer account ledgers

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 1636-278-C#00305-C#00297-1636-3006

General Treasurer accounts

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00614
Abstract The General Treasurer accounts consists of nine volumes documenting the expenditures and receipts of the General Treasury. Information usually includes the date of transaction, description of transaction, name of payee or payer, amount of money involved in transaction, totals. Second volume also contains audit committee reports for the years 1732-1812.
Dates: 1672-1792

General Treasurer accounts and claims allowed records

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00025-C#00291-C#00292-C#01240
Abstract The General Treasurer Accounts and Claims Allowed records consists of the claim number, payee, service or goods rendered or claim owed, date of claim, and amount owed.
Dates: January 1, 1833-August 1, 1864; 1793-1795

General Treasurer accounts and claims not allowed records

 Series — Box Accounts and Claims Not Allowed records, 1821-1868
Identifier: C#000292.1

General Treasurer Bank Tax

 Item — Folder General Treasurer Bank Tax, 1848-1861
Identifier: C#00604
Abstract Date of taxation, name of bank, amount of capital, amount of tax, totals.
Dates: June 1, 1848-November 30, 1861

General Treasurer bond records

 Series — Box General Treasurer Accounts, Notes, Bills, and Bonds, 1780-1782, C#01229
Identifier: 1636-1499-C# 1229
Scope and Contents 1. Bond sale records, 1965-1971 2. Bond sale records. 1964-1965 3. Investment commission meeting records, 1978 4. Bond and coupon destruction nap’78, 1975-1976 5. Bond sales records, 1957-1964 6. Affidavits of heirs – retirement death benefits, 1918-1981 7. Insurance broker bonds 8. Bond sale records, 1937-1956
Dates: 1780-1782; 1918-1981

General Treasurer cash book

 Series — Volume General Treasurer cash book, 1894-1904 (C#00299)
Identifier: C#00299
Abstract To record cash expenditures and balances for the State of RI. Includes the balance on hand, date of expenditure, account number, to whom paid, amount paid, total expended.
Dates: 1894-1904

General Treasurer correspondence

Identifier: C#00024
Abstract This series consists of the outgoing correspondence of the office. Letter or Letter Book or one is mislabelled-invoicesLetters from the General Treasurer to all parties. Subjects cover all aspects of the treasurer's office.
Dates: May 11, 1840-December 23, 1913

General Treasurer Estimated Tax Valuation

 Series — Volume General Treasurer Estimated Tax Valuation, 1855
Identifier: C#00477
Abstract Name of property owner, value of real estate (city and town lots at full value - rural, undeveloped, and waste property at 2/3 value), value of personal property, total value for each peoperty owner, total for each category for the town.
Dates: 1855

General Treasurer historic events bills and invoices

 Series — Folder Historic Events bills and invoices, 1800-1887
Identifier: C#00061
Abstract Bills paid by General Treasurer for such events as President Hays' visit 1877, York Town Celebration, Jewish Synagogue Fund Establishment, and General Burnside's Funeral.
Dates: 1800-1887

General Treasurer lottery bonds

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00069
Abstract This series contains bonds for officials to hold lotteries to raise money. These records are handwritten.
Dates: 1762-1814

General Treasurer Nancy B. Mayer records

Identifier: 1998-144
Abstract The Office of General Treasurer Nancy B. Mayer records consist primarily of records created by the Office of the General Treasurer. The records contain correspondence, correspondence logs, letter chronologies, calendars, general files, lawsuits filed against the State of Rhode Island.
Dates: 1992-1998

General Treasurer Notes, Securities and Certificates accounts

 Series — Volume 1-3. General Treasurer Notes, Securities and Certificates accounts, 1782-1798
Identifier: C#00607
Abstract Accounts of Notes, Securities, and Certificates issued by the state to individuals and organizations for various reasons. Information varies but generally includes: name of instrument holder, type of instrument, date issued, amount of instrument. Sometimes includes interest due, reason instrument was issued, instrument number. Includes information about certificates issued to members of the RI Regiment for depreciation of their wages during the Revolutionary War.
Dates: 1782-1798

General Treasurer Payments on Public Notes journal

 Item — Volume General Treasurer Payments on Public Notes journal, 1791-1792
Identifier: C#00492
Abstract Information concerning payments made on notes of public debt. Includes: name of owner, type of note, note number, date of issue, face value of note, specie endorsements for interest, date of payment in each quarter, amount of quarterly payments, specific value of paper endorsements, date of entry of the information.
Dates: 1791-1792

General Treasurer Petition Bonds Satisfied

 Series — Box General Treasurer Petition Bonds Satisfied, 1791-1855
Identifier: C#00063-C#00064
Abstract This series consists of appearance bonds for appeals court cases that have been satisfied.
Dates: 1791-1855

General Treasurer receipts for notes

 Series — Box General Treasurer receipts for notes, 1791 (3 volumes)
Identifier: C#00487
Abstract Receipts for payments made on notes of state debt. Information includes date of payment, name of person holding the note, amount ofthe note, amount paid, signature of note holder or agent of same. These receipts were entered in the Register of State Debt (FC-6) according to a note in the front of each book.
Dates: July 26, 1791-November 10, 1791

General Treasurer Record Of Auctioneers

 Series — Volume General Treasurer Record Of Auctioneers, 1898-1911
Identifier: C#00026
Abstract Function: To record information pertaining to the bonds of auctioneers. Contents: Date bond received, name of auctioneer, date of bond, names of two sureties, date of first return and date of second return.
Dates: January 28, 1898-January 16, 1911

General Treasurer registered bonds

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00115
Abstract The General Treasurer registered bonds contain the Names of bond purchaser's, dates of purchase, interest due, date redeemable, par value, cetificate and coupon numbers.
Dates: August 1, 1861-August 8, 1894

General Treasurer Rent accounts

 Series — Volume General Treasurer Rent accounts, 1894-1895 (C#00298)
Identifier: C#00298
Abstract To record rents paid to General Treasurer on buildings owned by the State of RI. Includes address of property, value of property, annual taxes, monthly rent, date of transaction, rent paid, name of person or office renting the property.
Dates: 1894-1895

General Treasurer Revolutionary War Services and Supplies Back Pay records

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00101
Abstract Papers relating to the issuance of second certificates for services and supplies rendered during the Revolutionary War (handwritten).
Dates: 1795-1819

General Treasurer State Debt register

 Series — Volume General Treasurer State Debt register, 1795-1819
Identifier: C#00478
Abstract Function: To record information related to notes issued by the state. Contents: Claim number, name of present holder of note, whether certificate ornotes, name of person note was originally issued to, register number, month, day, year (issued?), face value of note, interest due, total amount due.
Dates: August 25, 1795-June 28, 1819

General Treasurer State Department abstract

 Series — Volume 1-2. General Treasurer State Department abstract, 1795
Identifier: C#00600
Abstract Abstract of the state debt as of 1 January 1795. Includes name of person holding instrument of debt, (name of that person's agent), number of abstract, date of abstract, number of notes held, number of certificates held, face value of instrument, amount of interest at 6%, ditto at 4%, consolidated value of paper money payments, total amount of interest to 1 January 1795, total amount of interest and principal due, date and place copy of abstract prepared, signature of person receiving the copy.
Dates: February 24, 1795-July 24, 1795

General Treasurer tax returns

 Series — Folder General Treasurer tax returns, 1849-1863
Identifier: C#00046
Abstract Returns from various town offices and agencies to the General Treasurer concerning money due the state.
Dates: 1849-1863

General Treasurer Taxes Owed

 Item — Folder General Treasurer Taxes Owed, 1849-1866
Identifier: C#00605
Abstract Town, city, railroad, or insurance company, tax valuation of same, (tax rate), taxes owed, date of taxation, date paid.
Dates: 1849-1866

General Treasurer Touro Synagogue Fund records

 Series — Volume General Treasurer Touro Synagogue Fund records
Identifier: C#00027
Abstract Function: To record the expenditures and receipts of the Touro Synagogue Fund. Contents: Records date of transaction, paye, balance, in case of receipts listpayor and interest rate on bonds or stocks.
Dates: July 20, 1822-April 30, 1869