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RG 001/RG 001.02. Colony of Rhode Island (General Courts, Courts of Commissioners & Courts of Trial), 1646-1776

 Record Group Term
Identifier: RG 001/RG 001.02
The beginning of the formal colonial government of Rhode Island. Initially referred to as the General Courts, Courts of Commissioners & Courts of Trial.

Found in 27 Collections and/or Records:

Acts and Resolves transcription

 Item — Volume Acts and Resolves transcription, 1647-1684
Identifier: C#00125

Single volume contains a transcription of the acts passed by the General Assembly during the colonial period. Subjects vary.

Dates: 1647-1684

Cast of the Great Seal of Charles II

 Item — Object Cast of the Great Seal of Charles II, 1953
Identifier: C#00641.1

Cast of the Great Seal of Charles II, a gift of Sir Ellis H. Minns of Pembroke College.

Dates: 1953

Council of War orders

 Series — Volume Council of War orders, 1756-1764
Identifier: C#00498

Function: To record actions of the General Assembly acting as a Council of War. Includes: Date and place of sessions, names of members of the Council present,text of orders issued by the council. Most of these orders had to do with military preparedness in the Newport area. In same volume with minutes of the Supreme Court of Probate (C#00497).

Dates: September 13, 1756-March 12, 1764

Court of Magistrates annual report

 Item — Volume Court of Magistrates annual report, 1850
Identifier: C#00495

Information concerning cases brought before the Court of Magistrates includes: names of complainant and respondent, offense, judgment, court fees, witness fees, counsel fees, disposition, amount paid by the accused, totals of various categories, signature of the clerk. This information was presented to the General Assembly in the form of an annual report.

Dates: 1850

Court of the General Assembly docket

 Series — Folder Court of the General Assembly docket, 1734-1803 (C#00060)
Identifier: C#00060

Dockets of cases to be tried before the General Assembly lists plaintiffs and defendants and the session of the General Assembly. Some gaps.

Dates: 1734-1803

Declaration of Independence

Identifier: 01 01.44
Dates: 1777, 1823

Deputies and Freeman records

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00653

Town returns of "freeman" admitted & men chosen to act as Deputies in the General Assembly

Dates: 1727-1778

Fines and Recoveries

 Item — Volume Fines and Recoveries, 1727-1750
Identifier: C#00461

Recording book of writs for fines & recoveries authorized from several acts of the legislature

Dates: 1727-1750

Fones Record

 Item — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00209

The Fones Record consists of deeds and other land records, dating from 1659 to 1679, pertaining to a portion of the Colony of Rhode Island that was known as Narragansett country.

Dates: 1659-1705

Freemen Voting in Elections volumes

 Series — Box Freemen Voting in Elections volumes, 1747-1768
Identifier: C#00517

The volumes are organized alphabetically by town. Two of the volumes are then organized alphabetically by the last name of the voters. They list the voters names and the years they voted in elections. The third volume consists of transcripts of votes cast in each town in an election April 1767.

Dates: 1747-1768

General Assembly correspondence

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#01304
Scope and Contents

Communications received from various colonial, state, federal or military officials, municipalities, individual citizens, religious groups or organizations as relating constitutional issues, boundaries, pending legislation, revenue & tarrifs, resignations or commission acceptences, lotteries or other matters of national or local importance.

Dates: 1720-1868

Governor and Council

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00558

"Book of Records Containing the Acts and Orders made By the Governor and Councill Both General & Perticular Since the First of May 1667"

Dates: 1652-1813

History of the Criminal Law of Rhode Island

 Item — Folder 31 Staples - History of the Criminal Law of Rhode Island c1847
Identifier: 1636-661
Dates: 1847

Journals of the House of Representatives

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00473-C#00474-C#00689-C#00462
Scope and Contents Volume 14: Acts & Laws of His Majesty's Colony of Rhode Island in America, 1730-1731 Printed listing of the laws of the colony of RI form 1663 to 1731. Also includes a copy of the charter granted before Charles the Second tothe colony of RI and Providence Plantations in America, index to the laws of the colony, and the text of laws and acts passed by the legislature. (C#00473)Volume 15: Journals of the General Assembly, 1772-1797 Volume 16: Journals for the...
Dates: 1726-1797

Land and Public Notary records

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00481

Record of early deeds & land grants/maritime related matters

Dates: 1642-1796

Nathaniel Greene Military Commissions

 Series — Box Nathaniel Greene Military Commissions
Identifier: 2004-40
Dates: 1775-1776

Newport Riots claims for damages

 Series — Volume Newport Riots claims for damages, 1761-1773
Identifier: C#00493

Claims brought before the General Assembly for damage to the property of Martin Howard, Augustus Johnston, and Dr. Thomas Moffatt during a riot in Newport in August of 1765. Included are estimates of the damage done, testimony by varius parties as to the extent of the damage, and the decision of the General Assembly as to monetary damages.

Dates: 1761-1773

Orders to the Colony of Rhode Island

 Series — Volume Orders to the Colony of Rhode Island, 1734-1783
Identifier: C#00556

Orders form the King (or Queen) in council. Orders concern such topics as the final decisions of cases begun in RI, enforcement of laws passed in England, changes in the Book of Prayer, and other varied topics. Contains seals of King in council.

Dates: 1698-1774

Proceedings of the General Assembly

Identifier: C#00260-C#01012
Dates: 1649-1991

Public Laws, Acts and Resolutions Passed

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00210-2018-04-2020-01-2023-20

Public Law enactments of the Rhode Island legislature

Dates: 1728-2022

Public Laws, Acts & Resolves, General Statutes

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00612-C#00579-C#00599-C#00611
Scope and Contents Public law & general statute codifications (1719 - 1956) & contemporary publications of General Assembly session proceedings (1764+) detailing enactments of the legislature as found in manuscript series Rhode Island Colony Records; Acts & Resolutions & Private Acts / Charters. Latter initially bound as “schedules." with subsequent volumes containing reports submitted by various boards, commissions & government agencies as mandated. Commencing in the late 19th century...
Dates: 1647-2015

Records of the Colony of Rhode Island volume

 Item — Volume Records of the Colony of Rhode Island, Vol V, 1741-1756
Identifier: C#00276

The Records of the Colony of Rhode Island, Vol V includes the date of session, actions taken by the General Assembly, reports to the British Board of Trade, and other documents relative to the RI colonial government. This is published material.

Dates: 1741-1756

Rhode Island Colony Agent accounts

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00488

Bills and receipts of the RI Colony Agent for his lobbying before Parliament and other activities representing the colony in Great Britain. Most of the documents are accounts of charges payable to the agent for expenditures made in the service of the colony. Information includes: date of account, date of expenditure (sometimes), nature of expenses, amount of expense, total owed. This record has been microfilmed.

Dates: 1715-1773

Rhode Island Colony records

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00204

Proceedings of the General Assembly, 1641 - 1851

Dates: 1646-1851

Rhode Island Royal Charter granted by King Charles II

 Item — Rhode Island Royal Charter granted by King Charles II, 1663
Identifier: C#00865

Document confirming & defining a united government of the colony of Rhode Island as obtained from/issued by King Charles II, July 8, 1663.

Dates: 1663

Royal Charter Seal and Box

 Item — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00641-C#00629

The Royal Charter Seal Box was used to transport the Royal Charter and Seal from England.

Dates: 1663

Supreme Court of Probate meeting minutes

 Series — Volume 1-2. Supreme Court of Probate meeting minutes, 1755-1813
Identifier: C#00497

Function: To record the actions of the General Assembly acting as the Supreme court of Probate. Includes: Minutes of the General Assembly acting as the Supreme court of Probate. Information includes: date and place of session, names of parties present, name of deceased, decisions of lower courts regarding the case, and the decision of the Supreme Court of Probate. In the same volume with letters from the Governor (C# 00499) and Orders of the Council of War (C#00498).

Dates: June 1, 1755-October 31, 1813