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RG 001/RG 001.03. General Assembly, 1776-

 Record Group Term
Identifier: RG 001/RG 001.03
Currently, the Rhode Island legislature is still a bicameral body constituting a seventy – five (75) member House of Representatives and a thirty – eight (38) member Senate which convenes on the first Tuesday in January annually. Leadership consists of a Speaker of the House of Representatives and President of the Senate who are chosen from among their membership. The General Assembly is responsible for all proposed legislation as well as the enactment of laws both of a public and private nature. The assembly also confirms judicial nominations and the appointment of heads of various State departments & boards and has general subpoena power in civil cases. Other responsibilities include the office of the Auditor General which provides independent evaluations of government programs, Legislative Council which is charged with obtaining information on the operation of state government and of making studies concerning legislative issue and the office of Law Revision which is responsible for consolidating, compiling, editing, printing & binding the public laws, acts & resolutions. There are currently twelve (12) permanent committees established within the House of Representatives including: Constituent Services, Corporations, Environment & Natural Resources, Finance, Health, Education & Welfare, Judiciary, Labor, Municipal Government, Rules, Separation of Powers & Veteran Affairs. Senate committees number seven (7) and include Constitutional & Regulatory Issues, Commerce, Education, Environment & Agriculture, Finance, Government Oversight & Health & Human Services. Permanent joint committees number eleven (11) and include Accounts & Claims, Water Resources, Highway Safety, Environment & Energy, Naming New Buildings, Bridges, Edifices & Other State Constructions, Retirement, Small Business, Strategic Development, Veterans’ Affairs, Economic Development & Legislative Services.

Found in 67 Collections and/or Records:

Capitol Television video recordings

 Series — Box /s 001b to 766b; IM-001 to IM-185
Identifier: 2007-17-2023-04

Televised recordings of general assembly proceedings.

Dates: 1984-2013

Civil Commissions register

 Series — Volume Civil Commissions register, 1831-1848
Identifier: C#00239

Registry of civil commissions. Record of commissions officers elected by militia companies.

Dates: May 1, 1831-February 29, 1848

Colony of Rhode Island census

Identifier: C#00197

The Colony of Rhode Ialand census includes city or town, name of head of household, number of males and females under 16 and over 16, race, total per household. This material has been microfilmed, see C#00153.

Dates: 1774

Commission to Repair Washington County Court House accounts

 Item — Folder Commission to Repair Washington County Court House accounts, 1870
Identifier: C#00609

Bills and receipts for various expenditures for the repair of the Washington County Court House that were approved by the General Assembly.

Dates: January 6, 1870-March 6, 1870

Court of the General Assembly docket

 Series — Folder Court of the General Assembly docket, 1734-1803 (C#00060)
Identifier: C#00060

Dockets of cases to be tried before the General Assembly lists plaintiffs and defendants and the session of the General Assembly. Some gaps.

Dates: 1734-1803

Deputies and Freeman records

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00653

Town returns of "freeman" admitted & men chosen to act as Deputies in the General Assembly

Dates: 1727-1778

Draft legislation (Proposed)

 Series — Box Draft legislation (Proposed), 1807-1821
Identifier: 1636-1636
Dates: 1807-1821

Engrossed Acts

 Series — Folder Engrossed Acts (General Assembly), 1856-1857 (C#00055)
Identifier: C#00055

Engrossed acts for the period 1856-7 (hand written in most cases).

Dates: 1856-1857

Extracts from Election Laws

 Item — Folder 24. Extracts from Election Laws, 1905
Identifier: 1636-1143
Dates: 1905

Failed Legislation/Bills Not Passed

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00127-2006-51-2021-04

Legislation remaining in commitee, held for further study, tabled or failed passage

Dates: 1826-1867, 1945-1948, 1961-1980, 2007-2008, 2011-2012, 2019

Floor Amendments Approved June 6,7,8, and 9, 1994 by the House of Representatives in Acting Upon 94-H9326 Substitute A

 Item — Folder 57. Floor Amendments Approved June 6,7,8, and 9, 1994 by the House of Representatives in Acting Upon 94-H9326 Substitute A, 1995
Identifier: 1636-240
Scope and Contents

Floor Amendments Approved June 6, 7, 8 and 9, 1994 by the House of Representatives in Acting Upon 94-H-9326 Substitute A An Act Making Appropriations for the Support of the State for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 1995.

Dates: 1994

French and Indian War Military papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00246

French and Indian Wars put together by former archivist. Subjects vary widely. There is a table of contents in the front of each volume. Subjects include: accounts of Fort Schuyler, Ontario, Stanwix, George, accounts of the Committee of War, lists ofmen involved in the Canadian expedition, papers related to the CrownPoint expedition. This material has been microfilmed.

Dates: 1740-1774

General Assembly attendance records

 Sub-Series — Box General Assembly attendance records, 1902-1934
Identifier: C#00119

Function: To record attendance of members of the House and Senate. Contents: Names of legislators, dates of sessions, legislators attendance.
Senate, 1902-1934
House, 1909-1918
Senate volume also contains a stack of milage affidavits for the Senators.

Dates: 1902-1934

General Assembly correspondence

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#01304
Scope and Contents

Communications received from various colonial, state, federal or military officials, municipalities, individual citizens, religious groups or organizations as relating constitutional issues, boundaries, pending legislation, revenue & tarrifs, resignations or commission acceptences, lotteries or other matters of national or local importance.

Dates: 1720-1868

General Assembly Grand Committee records

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00373-C#00334
Dates: 1715-1808, 1910-1971

General Assembly House and Senate Committee records

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2013-05-2015-16-2021-05-2021-07

Committee records and failed legislation as transferred from established committees (Judiciary, Corporations, Labor, Health Education and Welfare, etc.) for the prior two (2) year legislative session.

Dates: 1826-2022

General Assembly Legislation as Introduced

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 1995-186-2021-15
Scope and Contents

Annual numerical sequence of bills submitted by both houses of the Rhode Island legislature (text only). No supporting documentation, annotations or committee stamps.

Dates: 1899-2002

General Assembly Masonry and Anti-Masonry records

 Series — Volume General Assembly Masonry and Anti-Masonry records, 1833-1834
Identifier: C#00195
Dates: 1833-1834

General Assembly newspaper clippings scrapbooks

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00312-C#00313

The General Assembly Proceedings scrapbooks include volumes containing clippings from local newspapers pasted in chronological order in scrapbooks. Articles describe proceedings of the General Assembly as well as other news relative to the General Assembly, or its members.

Dates: 1878-1893, 1895-1932

General Assembly publications

Identifier: 1636-1125
Dates: 1994

General Assembly reports

Identifier: 1636-610
Dates: 1851-2013

General Assembly Session Records 1856-1990

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00078-C#00264-1998-95-2018-20

Records received or reviewed by the General Assembly during sessions engaged. Includes reports, petitons and published reports.

Dates: 1856-1989

General Assembly Special Senate Committee testimony transcripts

 Series — Folder General Assembly Special Senate Committee testimony transcripts, 1865
Identifier: C#00471

Function: To record information on a Senate Committee pertaining to the enlistment of George E. Smith. Contents: Testimony before a committee of the state sentate investigating the enlistment of George E. Smith into the United States army. Smith was a minor enlisted from a reform school to serve during the Civil War. Included: name of person testifying, name of interrogator, date of testimony, transcript of the conversation between the two parties.

Dates: March 7, 1865-March 10, 1865

General Assembly tax lists

 Series — Box General Assembly tax lists, 1762, 1769
Identifier: C#00218-C#00219
Abstract New Shoreham tax list: Function: To record the tax valuation of real and personal property of the residents of New Shoreham. Contents: Tax list includes following info: names of men whose property is rateable, poles not ratable, dwelling house, work houses and other buildings, grist mills, servants for life between ages of 14 and 45,tons of vessels upwards of ten tons, amount of all persons trading stock, money at interest, horses and mares from 2 to 4 years, horses and mares 4 years and up,...
Dates: March 23, 1762, February 28, 1769

Governor and Council

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00558

"Book of Records Containing the Acts and Orders made By the Governor and Councill Both General & Perticular Since the First of May 1667"

Dates: 1652-1813

Gyles transcription (Colonial Record transcripts)

 Series — Volume Gyles transcription (Colonial Record transcripts)
Identifier: C#00207

The 1824 Gyles copy of the Rhode Island Colony Records consists of one volume of records that were copied by Charles Gyles and others from original colonial records.

Dates: 1824-1835

House and Senate journals

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00244-C#00245-2017-17-2019-16

Journals of the Rhode Island Legislature

Dates: 1728-2021

Investigation of the State Home and School

 Series — Folder 2-3. Investigation of the State Home and School, 1890
Identifier: C#00636

Transcript of testimony taken at a public hearing into the management of the state home and school. Includes names of legislators, attorneys, and witnesses called to testify, dates of hearing: place of hearing. Volumes I and II.

Dates: 1890

John F. McBurney Jr. Collection photographs

 Series — Box John F. McBurney Jr. Collection photographs
Identifier: 2015-45

This series contains photographs of the Speaker of the Rhode Island General Assembly, House of Representatives, Harry F. Curvin. Images include other Rhode Island elected official and notables from the period 1951-1963.

Dates: 1951-1963

Joint Special Committee on Constitutional Changes minutes and newspaper clippings

 Series — Volume Joint Special Committee on Constitutional Changes minutes and newspaper clippings, 1884
Identifier: C#00465

Newspaper clippings and handwritten notes concerned with meetings of the Joint Special Committee Constitutional Changes. The committee concerned itself with issues concerning the relocation of the railroad tracks and terminal in the city of Providence. Accounts include dates and places of meetings, names of members of the committee, names of the people testifying, reporters optinion of the action taking place.

Dates: March 6, 1884-April 11, 1884