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RG 016. State Traffic Commission

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Identifier: RG 016
The State Traffic Commission was created in 1950 per Rhode Island Public Law Chapter 2595, Article 22, Section 1 which is known as the Motor Vehicle Code Act. The State Traffic Commission consisted of the superintendent of state police, the registrar of motor vehicles and the director of public works. The duty of this commission was to establish traffic regulations and adopt a manual and specifications for a uniform system of traffic-control devices consistent with the provisions of the above mentioned act for use upon highways within the state. In 1968 public law chapter 113 added the Chairman of the permanent joint committee of the General Assembly on highway safety to the state traffic commission. This act also stipulated that the commission should print a manual of regulations and specifications establishing a uniform system of traffic control signals, devices, signs and markings consistent with the provisions of this chapter and that the commission should meet at least once a month and should submit an annual report to the Governor. The 1970 Public Law Chapter 5 added the Vice-Chairman of the Highway Safety Committee to this Commission. The Commission was disbanded in 1982-1983.