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State and fiscal year audits

Identifier: C#00085

Scope and Contents

This series contains single state audits and fiscal year audits of various state agencies and programs.

Single State audits for:

Records of Expenditures on State Accounts, 1895-1928 (C#00085)

Audited and Approved Bill, 1894-1926 (C#01112)

Ledger, 1826-1927 (C#00095)

Ledger: Bonded Accounts, 1914-1928 (C#01119)

Orders from Various Parties to the State Auditor for Payments from the General Treasury, 1853-1857 (C#00086)

Statement of the Condition of State Banks and Institutions for Savings, 1853-1935 (C#01196)

Record of Uncalled and Cancelled Checks, 1868-1927 (C#00237)

Journals, 1856-1867 (C#00789)

Military and Naval Expenses Journal, 1898-1900 (C#00788)

Pay Rolls (records the salaries paid to state officers), 1887-1909 (C#00236)

State of Rhode Island Financial Statements & Supplementary Information Year Ended, 1975-1981, 1983-1985

State of Rhode Island Combined Financial Statements and Federally Assisted Programs Fiscal Year Ended, 1990

State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations: General Purpose Financial Statements and Federally Assisted Programs FY ended June 30, 1993 (1995-395)

State Single Audit FY 1995

State Single Audit Biennial report, 1995-1996

State State Single Audit FY 1996 with management comments

Combined financial statements and federally assisted programs, fiscal year ended June 30,1990 (C#01745)

Combined financial statements and supplementary information, 1975-1985 (C#01331)

Review of Providence finances, 1981 (C#01329)

Uniform Accounting and Reporting Standards for Rhode Island Municipalities, 1978 (C#01571)

Department of Administration audits for:

Department of Business Administration, 1981 (C#01316)

Automotive Equipment Maintenance Unit, 1981 (C#01368)

Procurement practices, 1986 (C#01450)

Associate Jury Commissioner audits for:

Review of Jury Commissioner's One Trial/One Day System Oct. 1994 (1995-313)

Blackstone Valley District Commission audits for:

Blackstone Valley District Fund, 1976-1978, 1980 (C#01354)

Blackstone Valley District Commission federal financial assistance, 1983 (C#1441)

Board of Governors for Higher Education audits for:

University of Rhode Island: Contractual personal services (C#01339)

Rhode Island College Board of Governors for Higher Education: Payroll system, 1982 (C#01279)

University of Rhode Island: Sponsored research, 1979 (C#01332)

Teacher overload at the University of Rhode Island, 1981 (C#01340)

Department of Business Regulation audits for:

Liquor Control Administration, 1976 (C#01318)

Division of Real Estate, 1979-1980 (C#01317)

Capital Development Program audits for:

Central food processing plant, 1979 (C#01351)

Department of Children, Youth & Families audits for:

Foster Care and Adoption Assistance Program FY June 30, 1993 (1995-330)

Division of Management and Budget, 1981 (C#01280)

Conflict of Interest Commission audits for:

Conflict of Interest Commission, 1981 (C#01369)

Conservation districts: A review of operations, 1980 (C#01327)

Consumer's Council audits for:

Consumers' Council, 1978 (C#01282)

DEPCO audits for:

DEPCO for FY July 1, 2002 to June 2003 (2003-44)

East Bay Human Resource Corporation audits for:

East Bay Human Resource Corporation, 1978 (C#01382)

Board of Elections audits for:

Performance audit, August 1995 (1995-485)

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education audits for:

National School Lunch Program FY June 1993 (1995-313)

Educationally Deprived Children- Local Educational Agencies Program FY June 1993 (1995-313)

Rhode Island Children's Crusade for Higher Education, 1995 (1995-476)

Federal Financial Assistance, 1984 (C#01352)

National School Lunch Program, 1991 (C#00270)

Educational governance in Rhode Island, 1980 (C#01341)

School for the Deaf, 1979-1980 (C#01344)

Employee Retirements System audits for:

Employee Retirements System FY ended June 1994 (1995-425)

Employees Retirement System FY 1998 (1999-47)

Department of Employment and Training audits for:

Unemployment Insurance Program and Employment Service Program FY June 30, 1993 (1995-312)

Job Training Partnership Act Program FY June 30, 1993 (1995-330)

Workforce 2000 Council, 1991 (C#00418)

Department of Employment Security audits for:

Temporary Disability Insurance, 1981 (C#01319)

Department of Environmental Management audits for:

Department of Natural Resources: Operations Review, 1977 (C#01325)

Water Development Fund Audit Report, 1976, 1978, 1980-1981 (C#01366)

Executive Department audits for:

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program FY June 30, 1993 (1995-342)

Community Development Block Grant Program FY June 30, 1993 (1995-342)

Governor's Justice Commission: Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Program, 1983 (C#01364)

Report on Review of the Banking Emergency, 1992 (C#00247)

Deferred Compensation Plan: Operations Review, 1978 (C#01283)

Fairmount Foundry Cranston, Inc. audits for:

Fairmount Foundry Cranston, Inc.: Operations Review, 1978 (C#01284)

Department of Health audits for:

Division of Drug Control, September 1995 (1995-485)

Division of Food Protection and Sanitation, 1980 (C#01358)

Division of Laboratories, 1981 (C#01355)

Division of Professional Regulation, 1981 (C#01357)

Hazardous Substances Right-to-Know Act, 1985 (C#01330)

Women and Infants Hospital: Hospital Affiliation Review, 1982 (C#01286)

Office of State Medical Examiner, 1982 (C#01384)

Public support of alcoholism programs, 1977 (C#01350)

Rhode Island Board of Medical Review, 1981 (C#01356)

State Central Crime Laboratory Fund, 1980 (C#01342)

Housing and Mortgage Finance Corporation audits for:

Rhode Island Housing and Mortgage Finance Corporation, 1976 (C#01328)

Department of Human Services audits for:

Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program FY ended June 30, 1993 (1995-311)

Job Opportunities and Basic Skills Training Program FY ended June 30, 1993 (1995-311)

Aid to Families with Dependent Children FY ended June 30, 1993 (1995-311)

Federal Financial Assistance Programs FY ended June 30, 1993 (1995-311)

Rhode Island Aqua Fund Program Review, April 1995 (1995-311)

Child Support Enforcement Program FY June 30, 1993 (1995-312)

Financial and Administrative Management of Federal Programs FY June 30, 1993 (1995-312)

Medical Assistance Programs FY June 30, 1993 (1995-312)

Vocational Rehabilitation Program, 1990 (C#00278)

Rhode Island Veterans' Home, 1978 (C#01315)

Judiciary audits for:

Court revenues: Review of financial and administrative practices of the court, 1980 (C#01367)

Department of Labor audits for:

Division of Occupational Safety, 1981 (C#01322)

Hazardous Substances Right-to-Know Act, 1985 (C#01330)

Lottery audits for:

RI Lottery Dec 1995 (1996-53)

RI Lottery 1995 and 1996 (1997-82)

RI Lottery 1996-1997 (1997-126)

RI Lottery Financial Statements, 1995-1996 (1998-36)

Rhode Island Lottery Financial Statements, Six Months Ended December 31, 1997-1996 (1998-76)

Rhode Island Lottery Commission audit report, 1976-1977, 1980-1982 (C#01365)

Department of Mental Health, Retardation and Hospitals audits for:

Riverwood Rehabilitation Services, Inc. FY June 1992 and 1991 (1995-313)

Newport County Community Mental Health Center FY June 1991 and 1990 (1995-313)

East Bay Mental Health Center Inc. FY June 1993 and 1992 (1995-313)

Kent County Mental Health Center Inc. FY June 1994 (1995-313)

Consolidation of Patients' Account Offices of the Eleanor Slater Hospital and the Institute of Mental Health, October 1995 (1995-473)

Overtime Costs FY ended June 30, 1994 (1995-487)

Development Disabilities Program, 1980-1981 (C#01281)

Motor Vehicles Dealers' License Commission audits for:

Motor Vehicles Dealers' License Commission performance audit, 1978 (C#01348)

Municipal Employees' Retirement System audits for:

Municipal Employees' Retirement System FY ended June 1994 (1995-425)

Public Utilities Commission and the Division of Public Utilities and Carriers audits for:

Public Utilities Commission and the Division of Public Utilities and Carriers, 1978 (C#01321)

Public Transit Authority audits for:

Rhode Island Public Transit Authority, 1976 (C#01323)

Recreational Building Authority audits for:

Rhode Island Recreational Building Authority, 1977 (C#01326)

Refunding Bond Authority audits for:

RI Refunding Bond Authority Financial Statements FY ended June 30, 1995 (1995-476)

Department of Social and Rehabilitative Services audits for:

Day care payment systems, 1981 (C#01361)

Food Stamp Administration, 1983 (C#01363)

Medical Assistance Program, 1983 (C#01353)

Social Services Block Grant, 1983 (C#01360)

Department of Substance Abuse audits for:

Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant FY June 30, 1993 (1995-313)

Office of the Secretary of State audits for:

Office of the Secretary of State: Record Center Fund FY ended June 30, 1994 (1995-488)

Department of State Library Services, 1979 (C#01320)

Talbot House audits for:

Talbot House, Inc., 1980 (C#01381)

Department of Transportation audits for:

Equal Employment Opportunity Program FY ended June 30, 1994 (1995-473)

Federal Financial Assistance Programs, 1983 1991 (C#00268)

Division of Airports, 1974 (C#01347)

Division of Motor Vehicles: Review of Cash Flow, 1976 (C#01346)

Division of Public Works, 1981 (C#01349)

Turnpike and Bridge Authority audits for:

Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority, 1976 (C#01324)


  • Creation: 1826-2003

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Biographical / Historical

The Office of the Auditor General was established in 1974 to provide independent evaluations of government programs to the General Assembly. Audits are performed as required by statute, or as directed by the Joint Committee on Legislative Services, a bipartisan committee consisting of the Speaker of the House and the majority and minority leaders of the House and Senate.

The Office of the Auditor General is responsible for preparing an annual financial audit of the State’s financial statements and an annual compliance audit of all federal assistance received during every fiscal year. Additional responsibilities in any given year may include: (a) conducting performance audits; (b) issuing accounting opinions; (c) attending meetings and hearings relevant to on-going audit special projects and research studies for individual legislators; (f) participating on policy-making boards of professional organizations; and (g) making determinations regarding emergency situations which would permit a municipality to exceed the statutory 5.5 percent cap on annual property tax levy increases.


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Single state audits and fiscal year audits of various state agencies and programs. Also includes journals and ledgers kept by the Auditor General.


There have been multiple accruals to these records. They are: 1636-372; 1636-1222; C#00086; C#00095; C#00236; C#00237; C#00247; C#00268; C#00270; C#00278; C#00418; C#00788; C#00789; C#01112; C#01119; C#01196; C#01279; C#01280; C#01281; C#01282; C#01283; C#01284; C#01286; C#01315; C#01316; C#01317; C#01318; C#01319; C#01320; C#01321; C#01322; C#01323; C#01324; C#01325; C#01326; C#01327; C#01328; C#01329; C#01330; C#01331; C#01332; C#01339; C#01340; C#01341; C#01342; C#01344; C#01346; C#01347; C#01348; C#01349; C#01350; C#01351; C#01352; C#01353; C#01354; C#01355; C#01356; C#01357; C#01358; C#01360; C#01361; C#01363; C#01364; C#01365; C#01366; C#01367; C#01368; C#01369; C#01381; C#01382; C#01384; C#01441; C#01450; C#01571; C#01745; 1995-311; 1995-312; 1995-313; 1995-330; 1995-342; 1995-395; 1995-425; 1995-473; 1995-476; 1995-485; 1995-487; 1995-488; 1996-53; 1998-36; 1996-77; 1998-76; 1997-71; 1997-82; 1997-147; 1997-126; 1999-47; 2003-44;

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