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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Documents, usually sealed, granting specific rights, setting forth aims and principles of a newly established entity, and often embodying formal agreements and authorizing special privileges or exemptions.

Found in 14 Collections and/or Records:

Charter: City of East Providence

 Item — Folder 32. Charter: City of East Providence, 1952
Identifier: 1636-150
Scope and Contents Charter: City of East Providence Framed by the Charter Commission of the Town of East Providence to be submitted to the Electors of the Town of East Providence, November 4, 1952.
Dates: November 4, 1952

Local Acts, 2008

 Digital Work
Identifier: c2f613c3-1459-4bb6-b5f8-d26e738c50e4
Dates: 2008

Local Acts, 2009

 Digital Work
Identifier: e523a3a1-eb77-4d87-9b6c-a7e758f73062
Dates: 2009

Local Acts, 2010

 Digital Work
Identifier: 9cb8ec46-027e-47a8-a8a5-9a81644ba483
Dates: 2010

Local Acts, 2011

 Digital Work
Identifier: a9922ac4-5910-4b6c-bcd4-8df4c1cd60ed
Dates: 2011

Local Acts, 2012

 Digital Work
Identifier: 4998cda4-b394-4695-92ce-0add6a2eff0f
Dates: 2012

Local Acts, 2013

 Digital Work
Identifier: 2181a26b-5545-4488-9ad8-012c84574db1
Dates: 2013

Local Acts, 2014

 Digital Work
Identifier: 15b9e88c-62b9-42a7-be52-8e3a6f1a4a2f
Dates: 2014

Local Acts, 2015

 Digital Work
Identifier: c2002ba8-6f66-4a49-99fe-081bf5056fc8
Dates: 2015

Local Acts, 2016

 Digital Work
Identifier: f4efde0e-000c-4aaa-9cfd-8ef54afbe694
Dates: 2016

Local Acts, 2017

 Digital Work
Identifier: d80ab63e-5356-4d29-802f-7abe193dbfb6
Dates: 2017

Rhode Island Royal Charter granted by King Charles II

 Item — Rhode Island Royal Charter granted by King Charles II, 1663
Identifier: C#00865
Abstract Document confirming & defining a united government of the colony of Rhode Island as obtained from/issued by King Charles II, July 8, 1663.
Dates: 1663

Town of Charlestown Charter Amendment Certification

 Item — Folder Town of Charlestown Charter Amendment Certification 1992, folder 6
Identifier: 1992-36-5

Westerly Town Charter (certified copy)

 Item — Folder 5. Westerly Town Charter (certified copy)
Identifier: 1636-123