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articles of incorporation

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Written agreements embodying the purposes or other conditions of the association of a number of persons for the pursuit of a joint enterprise; especially those duly executed and filed with a state's administrative authorities so as to have the force of a charter under general incorporation law.

Found in 17 Collections and/or Records:

Articles of Incorporation, 1893-2007

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00179

Original articles of Incorporation or Association of foreign and domestic of business and non-profit entities filed with the Office of the Secretary of State pursuant to Chapter 1200 January Session 1893.

Dates: 1893-2007

Articles of Incorporation: Catholic Churches, 1869-1972

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00623
Scope and Contents

Original articles of Incorporation of Catholic Churches per enabling legislation of January Session 1869 and amended January Session 1872.

Dates: 1869-1972

Articles of Incorporation: Catholic Churches, 1869-1972

 Digital Work
Identifier: 7d3e85e9-3f88-4049-9337-794774fe0b58
Dates: 1869-1972

Articles of Incorporation records

 Series — Box 3. Index to Articles of Incorporation, June 1, 2004-
Identifier: C#00179
Dates: 1700-2007

Certificates of Organization, January 13, 1908-1921

 Item — Multiple Containers
Identifier: C#00009

To register date of organization and amount of "paid in" capital stock of corporations doing business in Rhode Island and includes date of organization, date of filing, amount of capital stock "paid in" at time of organization, name and post office address of treasurer of the company.

Dates: January 13, 1908-1921

Corporate Records Card File Index, 1700-1984

 Series — Box Corporate Records Card File Index, 1700-1984: Series 2008-25
Identifier: 2008-25

Microfiche copy of index of active and inactive corporate records.

Dates: 1700-1984

Local Acts, 2008

 Digital Work
Identifier: c2f613c3-1459-4bb6-b5f8-d26e738c50e4
Dates: 2008

Local Acts, 2009

 Digital Work
Identifier: e523a3a1-eb77-4d87-9b6c-a7e758f73062
Dates: 2009

Local Acts, 2010

 Digital Work
Identifier: 9cb8ec46-027e-47a8-a8a5-9a81644ba483
Dates: 2010

Local Acts, 2011

 Digital Work
Identifier: a9922ac4-5910-4b6c-bcd4-8df4c1cd60ed
Dates: 2011

Local Acts, 2012

 Digital Work
Identifier: 4998cda4-b394-4695-92ce-0add6a2eff0f
Dates: 2012

Local Acts, 2013

 Digital Work
Identifier: 2181a26b-5545-4488-9ad8-012c84574db1
Dates: 2013

Local Acts, 2014

 Digital Work
Identifier: 15b9e88c-62b9-42a7-be52-8e3a6f1a4a2f
Dates: 2014

Local Acts, 2015

 Digital Work
Identifier: c2002ba8-6f66-4a49-99fe-081bf5056fc8
Dates: 2015

Local Acts, 2016

 Digital Work
Identifier: f4efde0e-000c-4aaa-9cfd-8ef54afbe694
Dates: 2016

Local Acts, 2017

 Digital Work
Identifier: d80ab63e-5356-4d29-802f-7abe193dbfb6
Dates: 2017

Returned Corporate Certificates, 1874-1908

 Series — Box Returned Corporate Certificates, 1874-1908: Series C#00242
Identifier: C#00242
Scope and Contents

Register that records the return of Corporate Certificates of entities incorporated within the state.

Dates: 1874-1908