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articles of incorporation

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Written agreements embodying the purposes or other conditions of the association of a number of persons for the pursuit of a joint enterprise; especially those duly executed and filed with a state's administrative authorities so as to have the force of a charter under general incorporation law.

Found in 10 Collections and/or Records:

Local Acts, 2008

 Digital Work
Identifier: c2f613c3-1459-4bb6-b5f8-d26e738c50e4
Dates: 2008

Local Acts, 2009

 Digital Work
Identifier: e523a3a1-eb77-4d87-9b6c-a7e758f73062
Dates: 2009

Local Acts, 2010

 Digital Work
Identifier: 9cb8ec46-027e-47a8-a8a5-9a81644ba483
Dates: 2010

Local Acts, 2011

 Digital Work
Identifier: a9922ac4-5910-4b6c-bcd4-8df4c1cd60ed
Dates: 2011

Local Acts, 2012

 Digital Work
Identifier: 4998cda4-b394-4695-92ce-0add6a2eff0f
Dates: 2012

Local Acts, 2013

 Digital Work
Identifier: 2181a26b-5545-4488-9ad8-012c84574db1
Dates: 2013

Local Acts, 2014

 Digital Work
Identifier: 15b9e88c-62b9-42a7-be52-8e3a6f1a4a2f
Dates: 2014

Local Acts, 2015

 Digital Work
Identifier: c2002ba8-6f66-4a49-99fe-081bf5056fc8
Dates: 2015

Local Acts, 2016

 Digital Work
Identifier: f4efde0e-000c-4aaa-9cfd-8ef54afbe694
Dates: 2016

Local Acts, 2017

 Digital Work
Identifier: d80ab63e-5356-4d29-802f-7abe193dbfb6
Dates: 2017